Janet quarterly reports to the community

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We are currently reviewing this report and its value to the Community. We would therefore appreciate your feedback on the report:

  • Do you find the report useful and if so, why?
  • Do you have a specific area or piece of information that is of interest?
  • Do you read every report or just reference them for certain information on an ad hoc basis?
  • Is there anything that you would like to see in the report that isn't currently included?

Please let us know what you think by emailing marketing@ja.net


We are pleased to bring you this issue of the Quarterly Report following a break in production.

The videoconferencing team has been to a couple of events and is planning Janet’s involvement in Jisc’s Digital Festival.

There are a number of updates for the Community from the Strategic Technologies team, including the publication of
three Moonshot-related Proposed Standards, and supporting 4k video streams for the Commonwealth Games.


During this quarter, members of Janet have been out and about at industry events, as well attending
Networkshop41. More details of customer visits and community news are on pages 12-15.

The Strategic Technologies team has a number of updates for the community, including new trials
for 4G and a Moonshot pilot (page 8).

As always, it’s worth noting that this report is for you, our community, so if you have any suggestions for
future content, please do get in touch by joining the community group and leaving a comment

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