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Welcome to the Janet group for customers in Northern Ireland.  It is intended to provide region specific information to Janet customers, including localised news and events. The Jisc Account Manager for Northern Ireland is Noel McDaid. Contact details are: email:  telephone:   TBC mobile:        +44 (0)7825 864557 A list of connected sites is available in the documents section.

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NIRAN disengagement

30 April 2014 at 12:07pm

The work to disengage NIRAN continues and has been in progress for nearly a full year. The majority of the work has been completed with the novation of both the contract with Virgin Media for customer connections, router maintenance and the contract with Queens University Belfast for the IP operations being signed over to Janet(UK) with effect from 22nd November 2013.

These contract novations will have little impact on the individual customers in the Northern Ireland region however. It simply equates to the transfer of managing agent from NIRAN to Janet(UK) for the connections, router maintenance and helpdesk function. The fault reporting already in place will NOT change. However, if you have any queries please contact JSD via or your Customer Engagement Manager - Shirley Wood via

We continue to work on establishing requirements for a procurement and we will contact you early in the new year when we are in a position to discuss this element further with you.