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Janet North West Group Welcome to Janet North West; the Janet community in North West England. Here you can find out about: Getting help and support with your Janet connection and services. The Janet services and connectivity available to you. Your local Janet activities and events. You can also use this Group to: Get information and guidance about Janet’s services, policies, technology, etc. For example, you can ask about using Janet’s Frameworks or Brokerage service to save money, setting up Eduroam at your institution, upgrading your Janet connection or using the Janet videoconferencing service, as well as services in development. Help build good practice in your region by sharing your information and experiences with other group members. Build and co-ordinate regional collaborations and consortia that leverage the Janet infrastructure or services. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Janet service or your connection, apart from fault reporting, please email or call your regional Account Manager.

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Establishing a Janet Network Operations Centre in the North West.

4 February 2014 at 1:51pm

Manchester has become a key strategic location for the Janet network. TeleCity Manchester, in particular, has emerged as a major Internet transit location with fibre routes independent of London. One of Janet’s long-term goals has been to improve overall network resilience for customers by reducing reliance on London for external network connectivity. Janet now plans to fully exploit the opportunity Manchester offers to obtain critical global internet connectivity and peering with major Internet Service Providers outside of London. As a result of this direction, it will become increasingly important that Janet has highly competent network engineering capability in the north of England. To meet this demand, Janet will establish a permanent Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Manchester, providing opportunities to improve existing services, increase flexibility, develop new services and manage costs for the benefit of our customers. A permanent base distant from London also makes Business Continuity Planning more effective. Should Janet’s London NOC be disabled, operational control of the network can be quickly and completely transferred to, and then managed from, Manchester. This will free the London-based technical staff to concentrate on recovering the facility as quickly as possible. If necessary, staff could also be temporarily relocated to provide additional operational assistance. The Manchester NOC will be staffed initially by the experienced, highly skilled network engineers from Net NorthWest who will transfer to Janet as a result of the Net NorthWest transition process.