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This is the Community Group for organisations in Kent connected to the Janet Network.

The Group aims to help you get the most out of the Janet network. You can find information about:

 - local and national network performance

 - the range of services and connections available to you

 - connection and use policies

 - purchasing frameworks that can save you money on a variety of network products and services.

In addition you can get help and support to:

 - upgrade your Janet connection

 - set up services such as Eduroam or the Vscene videoconferencing service.

You can also help establish and develop good practice in Kent by:

 - sharing your experiences with other Group members

 - creating and co-ordinating local collaborations and actvities to leverage the Janet infrastructure and associated services from Jisc.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Janet network or your connection (except to report faults) please contact your service manager Richard Morgan (richard.morgan@jisc.ac.uk).

Janet Kent is part of Jisc's South and East England region. Your Head of Region is John Potter (john.potter@jisc.ac.uk). John is supported by a team of account managers who will be pleased to discuss the wide range of Jisc services available to you. You can contact your local Jisc Account Manager at customerservices@jisc.ac.uk.

Janet services in Kent are delivered over the Kent Public Sector Network (KPSN). KPSN is managed by Kent County Council over network infrastructure provided by Daisy Updata Communications Ltd (DUCL).

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