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Increasingly, research and education communities are seeking to run high performance networking applications across the Janet infrastructure, such as high bandwidth, real-time media or data streaming, low latency haptic applications, or bulk transfers of research data in the order of Terabytes or more. The Janet End-to-End Performance Initiative (e2epi) group has been created to facilitate sharing and discussion of information and topics related to end-to-end network performance including, but not limited to, applications and data transfer tools, system tuning, site network architectures, and performance measurement. It is expected that members of this group would include end users and communities, network operators/administrators within Janet-connected sites, and academic network researchers, but all interested stakeholders are welcome.  The aim is to raise awareness of issues/factors affecting e2e performance, and to discuss and share best practices.

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The case for perfSONAR deployment in support of networking for data-intensive research

8 April 2017 at 10:14am

This document describes the use of perfSONAR as a network performance measurement tool, and encourages its deployment at sites in support of networking for data-intensive research. perfSONAR is an open source toolkit that allows measurement of throughput, loss, latency and the path traffic takes between two measurement points. When run with the MaDDash web front end, it allows measurement over time of network characteristics between multiple sites in a research community, presenting the results in an intuitive mesh/matrix format.

v1.0 of this document is the first version - feedback is welcomed towards future versions.