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Jisc carried out due diligence in reviewing the Google Apps for Education (now G Suite) agreement, and highlighted some areas which may warrant further consideration by organisations preparing to use the agreement, to ensure they fully understand their implications and that the contract still meets their requirements. 

In conjunction with Google and our legal advisers, Jisc prepared Guidance Notes to draw attention to these areas covering among many others: data protection, security measures, model clauses, liability and termination.

The Guidance Notes will be sent out to institutions, following sign up to use the amended agreement.  They are subject to ongoing review and improvement based on feedback from the HE and FE sectors as well as any changes to legislation, directives and changes to Google's terms and conditions.

A summary of the amendments to the standard Google Apps for Education (G Suite) agreement is available to Jisc customers by sending an email to

Please be aware that the Guidance Notes are intended to draw attention to aspects of the Google Apps for Education (G Suite) terms and conditions. The Guidance Notes are not intended as advice and as such we recommend that any institution, prior to the final online registration and implementation, should ensure they are comfortable with the terms of the Google Apps for Education (G Suite) agreement and its application to their institution. Please note that it is the institution that is ultimately responsible for compliance with legal obligations.

This level of rigour on contractual documents normally carries large legal fees.  A nominal access fee of £500 per year will be charged to cover some of the costs of providing this service. Organisations who use this service may also use the O365 Jisc-amended agreement at no additional charge.

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Google Education Groups (GEGs) are independently run communities of educators who inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology both in the classroom and beyond. Via face to face meetups and online activities, GEGs provide a way for educators who are passionate about education and technology to meet like minded people and share, learn, and collaborate together.

The GEG UK can be found by clicking here


On 13 November, the Regional Support Centre (RSC) London hosted another event in Senate House to build on the success of their event last year. This year, delegates from across our supported sectors and the wider Jisc family were welcomed.

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