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A place to share information on all aspects of eduroam in the UK.

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eduroam(UK) Technical Specification Summary of Recommendations Checklist

eduroam(UK) Technical Specification Summary of Requirements Checklist

eduroam(UK) Technical Specification

NHS and eduroam/shared use of wireless/govroam

ORPS in Azure - alternatives to the use of ICMP

Sending Operator Name with Cisco ISE 2.0

eduroam in Public Buildings and Spaces in City Centres

TLS 1.2 and updated RADIUS requirements

FreeRADIUS Packet Handling - examining the flow

FreeRADIUS Best Current Practice Configuration for eduroam 

Performance tweaks for RADIUS and backend authentication systems

eduroam(UK) Microsoft NPS Configuration Guide v0.1

eduroam(UK) Service Provider Assurance Tool User Guide

eduroam(UK) Service Provider Assurance Tool Phase2 Field Trial Feedback

Improving the Reliability of NPS as an Authenticator in eduroam

Advisory: Using Status Server

Advisory: Use of MD5 Certificates Deprecated in Favour of SHA-1 for RADIUS servers

Advisory: Windows Mobile 8 and Certificate Verification

NWS41 eduroam Forum presentations - TKIP, CUI, NAPTR, QoS Probe

NWS40 FreeRADIUS Demystified seminar presentation

Geant Funding available

Janet Lumen House eduroam Service Information

UK eduroam Usage Feb 2013

EAP-pwd Moving Towards a Deployable Standard

Site Finder and Service Information Directory

eduroam(UK) Technical Specification 1.3 (archived) - superseded by 1.4

eduroam User Troubleshooting Flowchart for IT Support Staff

eduroam Administrators Troubleshooting Flowchart

NAPTR Record Creation Using Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server

eduroam Best Practice Pointers

FreeRADIUS 2 eduroam Deployment at University of Sussex

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Martin describes an innovative approach for extending the footprint of eduroam to an NHS Trust without a direct NHS Trust to University network link. Instead the University handle the authentication on behalf of the Trust and this can be done through the N3 Janet Gateway. The Trust provides the internet access for authenticated users. See related case study.



The SP Assurance Tool is the latest test/monitoring module to be added to the eduroam(UK) Support System. The key benefit of the tool for the sys admin at the participating organisation is the facility to test compliance with the Technical Specification of the Wi-Fi and eduroam Visitor network served by the nearest AP to the device.


This guide describes the setup of the Microsoft Network Policy Server for use with eduroam in the UK. Whilst it is the key component, the Organisational RADIUS Server (ORPS) is just one element of your eduroam deployment and this guide must be read in conjunction with:

i) Implementing eduroam Roadmap




What is EAP-pwd?

The Geant project to address shortomings in current RFC

What is EAP-pwd?

EAP-pwd is an EAP method that addresses the problem of password-based authenticated key exchange-- using a possibly weak password for authentication to derive an authenticated and cryptographically strong shared secret.

EAP-pwd is an extremely efficient EAP method which has the pot

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