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FreeRADIUS Best Current Practice Configuration for eduroam

13 July 2015 at 3:41pm

Author - Dr Alan Buxey 27/2/2012

This document is not a FreeRADIUS tutorial. Instead it explores best practices for FreeRADIUS configuration for use with eduroam both as a Visited or Home service. It concentrates on RADIUS interaction with the eduroam(UK) NRPSs rather than home user authentication against local user database. The latter is very broad in scope considering the range of user databases in use and organisation-specific policy and practice. Moreover, it is hoped that the system administrator should already be familiar with local practice. It should be read inconjunction with the slides contained in the FreeRADIUS Demystified seminar presentation.

Note, you may find that local requirements, historical configuration methods or version being run may affect your ability to follow certain aspects of this guide. It was written for FreeRADIUS 2.1.12, but should operate with FreeRADIUS 3. Since some parts rely on on specific functions of FR virtual servers and the built-in language known as ‘unlang’, it is not applicable to FreeRADIUS 1.X.X versions.