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This group is for those within the Arts and Humanities sector, that are interested in streaming technologies and collaborations.

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LOLA (LOw LAtency) Audio Visual Streaming System

9 September 2013 at 9:54am

LOLA (LOw LAtency) provides the tool for synchronous, real time performance at geographically dispersed locations. It enables remote teaching including masterclasses, and live concerts over high performance IP networks.

More information:

Demonstration from Internet 2 Fall Member Meeting

Powerpoint 1

LOLA Project

Powerpoint 2


LOLA demonstration at the New World Symphony


This looks great. Can you provide me with more informatin on how I can obtain LOLA for my organisation?


Thanks for your message. LOLA is available free to nonprofit educational institutions for non-commercial, non-revenue generating, academic uses. To get hold of the software, users should contact the LOLA team at

We also recommend you have a 1Gb connection especially if you are using colour LOLA. To put this into context black&white LOLA needs 92mb/s and colour LOLA needs 496mb/s.

There is also a set kit list that is recommended for using LOLA. The team are continually looking at new products, but basically, the current list is as follows:

  • PC with Intel dual/quad core based system, with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk, Motherboard with PCIe bus and DDR2/DDR3 ram technology, 1 or 2 Gbit LAN ports, PCIe Graphic Adapter (see below), Low noise case/power supply with PCI/PCIe card slots
  • You also need a decent graphics card such as an Nvidia Geforce
  • Bitflow ALT-PCE-AN1 Analog Frame Grabber with SDK 5.60 drivers
  • RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632 PCI Audio Interface or RME Multiface II (PCI/PCIe host card + external ADC/DAC box)
  • Hitachi KP-FD30/Toshiba IK-TF5 (colour) or Sony HR50 (black and white) camera with C/CS mount lens with power adapter (plus custom camera cable - VGA to appropriate connector)

You will also need some decent microphones, mixing desk, and cables 

More information on LOLA is available on the GARR website -

The GARR website also has a useful document detailing the installation of the software, which you may find useful -

A quick note, that we have some LOLA kits ourselves which can be used for a trial period. We also have contacts at other institutions (nationally or internationally) if you are looking for participating sites. 

If you need anymore information, or some advice on purchasing equipment etc, please let me know.