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    A place to share information on all aspects of eduroam in the UK.

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    eduroam(UK) Technical Specification Summary of Recommendations Checklist

    eduroam(UK) Technical Specification Summary of Requirements Checklist

    eduroam(UK) Technical Specification

    NHS and eduroam/shared use of...


    Janet North West Group


    Welcome to Janet North West; the Janet community in North West England. Here you can find out about:

    Getting help and support with your Janet connection and services.The Janet services and connectivity available to you.Your local Janet activities and events.

    You can also use this Group to:

    Get information and guidance about Janet’s services, policies, technology, etc. For example, you can ask about using Janet’s Frameworks or...

    Product name

    iPass provided by Jisc

    Product summary description

    iPass is a Wi-Fi roaming service which provides unlimited data access globally through over 50 million hotspots, across 120 countries.  This includes:

    • More than 15 top airlines like Air France, Etihad, JAL and Singapore Airlines

    • More than 800 trains

    • More than 780 airports

    • More than 20 million local businesses, business hubs and open spaces



    The Community group for the Jisc Assent Service launched on 25 March 2015

    Jisc, as the service operator, will post things on here relevant to the service but as the website name suggests this is also a space for those interested in the Jisc Assent service and the Moonshot technology to comment on, provide feedback and contribute to anything related.


    To view the formal Jisc Assent website page visit here

    For service information visit the library pages here


    Members of the research and education community within the United Kingdom regularly make use of various types of online services, including web-based e-resources, wireless network access, and cloud-based applications. Many of these services require authentication of a user's identity, and many additionally require the release of attributes relating to that identity for authorisation purposes. Access and Identity management technologies and services aim to fulfil this need for robust...


    This Community is for the UK e-Science CA. The UK e-Science CA is an IGTF CA which issues globally (but not universally) trusted certificates to grid and e-infrastructure participants (hosts and users) in the UK.

    The purpose of this community is to collect and coordinate information relevant to the CA for/with the core stakeholders. One of the issues discussed here is the potential migration of the CA to the JANET Certificate Service.


    Welcome to the Janet Wales community group. These pages contain information for and about Janet customers in Wales. 

    Janet connects Education and Research organisations in Wales as well as providing a range of additional services. You can find out more about who in Wales is connected to Janet on the Wiki.

    Janet connectivity in Wales is provisioned via the PSBA and their delivery partner, BT Global Services. 


    For more information about Janet in Wales...



    Welcome to the Janet Yorkshire and Humberside Group

    Welcome to the Janet North East Group

    This is the regional group for Janet customers in the North East seeking information about Janet connectivity in their area, support, services and contact information.

    The advanced technology at the heart of Janet coupled with the government’s drive for shared services and efficient procurement mean that Janet’s common infrastructure can support multiple...


    This is the Community Group for organisations in Kent connected to the Janet Network.

    The Group aims to help you get the most out of the Janet network. You can find information about:

     - local and national network performance

     - the range of services and connections available to you

     - connection and use policies

     - purchasing frameworks that can save you money on a variety of network products and services.

    In addition you can...


    Welcome to the Janet Scotland microsite for customers in Scotland.These pages contain information for and about the Janet community in Scotland.  Janet connects Scotland's Higher Education Institutes and Further Education Colleges and Research organisations.  It provides backhaul connectivity for Scotland's Schools network, Glow, and for the 32 Local Authorities in Scotland.