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One of Jisc’s activities is to monitor and, where possible, influence regulatory developments that affect us and our customer universities, colleges and schools as operators of large computer networks. Since Janet and its customer networks are classified by Ofcom as private networks, postings here are likely to concentrate on the regulation of those networks.

Postings here are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate on the date they are made, but may well become out of date or unreliable at unpredictable times thereafter. Before taking action that may have legal consequences, you should talk to your own lawyers.

NEW: To help navigate the many posts on the General Data Protection Regulation, I've classified them as most relevant to developing a GDPR compliance process, GDPR's effect on specific topics, or how the GDPR is being developed. Or you can just use my free GDPR project plan.

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From personal experience many years ago I know the frustration of discovering a security vulnerability in a website, wanting to warn the site owners, but being unable to find a responsive contact to accept the information. However I also know, from even longer ago, what it's like to be a sysadmin told by a stranger that my precious computer has a bug in it that I urgently need to fix. They no doubt thought they were helping me, but it was awfully tempting to shoot the messenger!

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Bug bounty schemes have always been controversial. In the early days of the Internet someone who found a bug in software was expected to inform the author and help fix it, as a matter of social responsibility. Suggesting that those researching vulnerabilities be paid for their time and effort seemed rather grubby. Unfortunately not everyone shared those scruples.

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