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One of Janet’s activities is to monitor and, where possible, influence regulatory developments that affect us and our customer universities, colleges and schools as operators of large computer networks. Since Janet and its customer networks are classified by Ofcom as private networks, postings here are likely to concentrate on the regulation of those networks.

Postings here are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate on the date they are made, but may well become out of date or unreliable at unpredictable times thereafter. Before taking action that may have legal consequences, you should talk to your own lawyers.

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With the number of data breaches still increasing, all organisations should be making plans for their response when, not if, it happens to them. At the FIRST conference, Jeff Kouns of Risk Based Security suggested learning from examples where the organisation’s response, or lack of it, had made the consequences of a breach much worse, both for the organisation and its customers.

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