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One of Janet’s activities is to monitor and, where possible, influence regulatory developments that affect us and our customer universities, colleges and schools as operators of large computer networks. Since Janet and its customer networks are classified by Ofcom as private networks, postings here are likely to concentrate on the regulation of those networks.

Postings here are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate on the date they are made, but may well become out of date or unreliable at unpredictable times thereafter. Before taking action that may have legal consequences, you should talk to your own lawyers.

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The European Council of Ministers have now published a proposed text for the General Data Protection Regulation. This still needs to be edited by the Commission's "lawyer-linguists" to check for inconsistencies, sort out the numbering of recitals and articles etc. But the working parties of both the Parliament and the Council have recommended that the resulting text should be adopted by the respective full bodies at meetings in the next couple of months.

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The European Council has published the text of the Network and Information Security Directive recently agreed by its representatives and those of the European Parliament. This still needs to be "technically finalised" (in particular Recital and Article numbers will change, so I’ve not included them here) and formally approved by the Parliament; then Member States will have 21 months to bring it into force.

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The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), as the body given responsibility by the Home Office for monitoring compliance with the Prevent duty in the higher education sector in England, has now announced how it will perform this responsibility. Full details can be found at the links to the HEFCE website below: the following is a summary.

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