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    Esther Wilkinson, Business Development Lead for TNE at JISC, considers the opportunities for TNE growth and calls for greater collaboration between international and information teams to effectively manage standards of UK TNE provision

    Transnational education (TNE) is seen as a key priority by UK government's industrial strategy and generates hundreds of millions of pounds every year according to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, but what's not so clear is how...


    TLDR: clients will move to not supporting Diffie-Hellman keys of less than 1024 bit - upgrade your RADIUS server configuration or release to ensure its providing bigger Diffie-Hellman parameters in the EAP session


    On the back of the recent wave of further SSL attacks and weakness identitication, several vendors are now making moves to stop SSL clients from negotiating connections where the parameters have weak Diffie-Hellman (DH) keys. In the world of web browsers ,...