HP 1018/1020 series Printer Shared - can't print any more until Spooler is cleared when print job sent from another PC

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These printers are very basic ones and work fine if only used by the PC that they are connected to.

BUT on our network we have these shared and sometimes they will totally stop printing and won't print again until you have cleared the spooler and done reboot...

Here is the fix to allow these printers to be shared without GRIEF!

(Windows XP/VISTA)

1) Before you start make sure the printer now works from the PC that it's shared from.

2) If you can't clear things up go to HP site and for your printer download the HP tool that clears all jobs and more to fix it.

3) Check that in your printer settings you have "Share this printer" enabled (just in case) and "Render print jobs on..." is ticked.

4) Run regedit

5) find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors” and then delete the "HPLJ10XXLM" folder. NOTE XX being your model's last two numbers so for HP 1018 replace XX with 18.

6) Close registry editor.

7) Go to C:\Windows\System32 and rename the file ZLhp10XX.dll to say ZLhp10XXOLD.dll NOTE replace XX as you did in 5) above.

8) Restart the PC

Now only time you might get a problem is when your user print to the printer when it's server PC is OFF!! You can only educate them on that...


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