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15/04/19 - Advisory: EAP-PWD Vulnerability

12/10/18 - Advisory: Injection of Operator-Name attribute by the NRPSs

23/02/18 - eduroam Seminar pre-Networkshop 2018 - FreeRADIUS 4 etc

24/10/17 - Advisory: WPA2 Key Reinstallation Attacks vulnerability, KRACK

14/07/16 - Release of Technical Specification v1.4

10/05/16 - Advisory: Ending of RADIUS Accounting within eduroam(UK)

22/01/15 - eduroam Support Clinic Tues March 1st 14:15-15:30

18/09/15 - Advisory: Impact of change of Certificate Service CA for eduroam Home (IdP) service providers

27/01/15 - eduroam now available at seven hospitals in Cardiff

22/01/15 - eduroam Support Clinic Tues January 27th 10:45-12:00am

23/12/14 - Calling Station Identity

01/12/14 - New DNS Name for eduroam(UK) Support Server

19/12/14 - eduroam Support Clinic Tues January 6th 10:45am

28/11/14 - eduroam Support Clinic Tues December 2nd 10:45am

19/11/14 - Advisory: Microsoft Security Bulletin Affecting NPS and IAS

27/05/14 - eduroam training course June 11-12 Birmingham; Aug 6-7 Aug Bristol

08/04/14 - Advisory: OpenSSL TLS Heartbleed Vulnerability rev 1.1

21/02/14 - Auth Timestamp Feature on eduroam(UK) Support Server

30/10/13 - Release of FreeRADIUS 2.2.2

07/10/13 - Release of FreeRADIUS 3.0.0

17/09/13 - Release of FreeRADIUS 2.2.1

13/06/13 - Release of Technical Specification v1.3

13/06/13 - eduroam training course June 27 Glasgow

23/04/13 - eduroam training courses July 24-25 London

23/04/13 - Chargeable User Identity how-to guide now available in Library

25/03/13 - eduroam training courses May 2-3 Manchester

24/02/13 - Time for a review of your eduroam deployment - Technical Specification v 1.2 Main Changes from v 1.1

30/01/13 - Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) now available - builds eduroam client installers for user devices

23/01/13 - Advice regarding keeping eduroam credentials secure

09/01/13 - eduroam(UK) Announcement of Change of Name of the Janet Roaming Service to eduroam(UK)

19/11/12 - Uptake of NAPTR record definition in DNS (to enable RadSec DD) is increasing

31/10/12 - eduroam(UK) Support Server Update: Nagios LG and check for NAPTR records

30/10/12 - Cisco ACS 5.4 released: now support Operator-Name

29/10/12 - Unscheduled service outage Friday 26/10/2012 1:02 AM - 9:48 AM

03/10/12 - Advisory: Improving Efficiency of International Authentication through utilisation of RadSec at National Level

11/09/12 - Advisory: FreeRADIUS 2.1.10,11,12 Security

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October 2012 - 3/10/2012

This advisory is relevant to ALL Home (IdP) service organisations participating in eduroam in the UK. It describes the use of RadSec at national proxy level, how this can benefit the individual user and what eduroam organisations must do in order to gain these benefits.

Originator: Alan Buxey

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Released: 24th October 2017

This advisory is relevant to all eduroam(UK) Home (IdP) and Visited (SP)  service organisations. It’s aim is to bring to the attention of our community the vulnerability of WPA2 to Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK) and describes the position of together with recommend actions to be taken.

Background and scope:

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Audience - eduroam(UK) system administrators and implementors

The eduroam(UK) Technical Specification 1.4 has now been released and is effective as of 14th July 2016.

The update primarly addresses the removal of the requirement to forward RADIUS accounting messages to the NRPS, the expriy of the permissive grace period for TKIP, TLS proxies disallowed and the removal of LDAP and POP from the list of ports/protocols that must be open to visitors. Other changes are essentially general housekeeping and updates.  

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The latest organisations to define NAPTR records in their DNS to boost international roaming authentication performance for their users are:

National Science Learning Centre

Northumbria University

Rothamsted Research

The Pirbright Institute

University of Glamorgan

These join the list of the following (gold star!) organisations which were the first to carry out the configuration:

Coventry University

Liverpool John Moores University

Loughborough University

University of Bristol

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Facilitated by our Training Team, we're holding an eduroam clinic on 1st March 2016. These are great group forums in which to pose a question (by text or audio), hear the experiences of other members of the eduroam community and to learn from the answers of the expert panel consisting of the fab four eduroam(UK) Support team (and usually me). There is also the opportunity to go off into a private virtual room for in depth consultation with one of the panel.  

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January 2016 - 20/01/2016

This advisory is relevant to all eduroam(UK) Home (IdP) service organisations that are using server certificates supplied through the Jisc Certificate Service (Janet Certificate Service) for RADIUS servers acting as authenticators. It describes the effect of the change to the new certificate authority which occurred in May 2015, together with the measures that need to be planned for and put into effect.

Originator: Edward Wincott

Background and Scope

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