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Users looking for technical information are finding their way to specific areas of the library, then finding it takes too long to drill down to locate the information required. The search function, when invoked at this level, searches the whole website returning may irrelevant items nothing to do with the area they are in.
Could the search have a default option to only search the area below the level the user is at, and another tick box to search the entire site perhaps?


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Hi Paul,

The search function at the very top of each page is designed to be a site-wise search, but you will see the "Filter by content type" tick boxes on the right hand side of the listed search results. This will allow you to specify that you want to search for "Library Pages" only, for example, or for any combination of several different types.

In order to allow for more contextual searching, rather than editing the common site-wide search, we have created some content type specific searches. For example, if you are within a group or a blog you will see a "Search this group" or "Search this blog" box on the right hand side of the page, and this will only search for your keywords within the group or blog you are currently in.

This feature does not exist in the library pages; but if the community would find this a useful addition to the site then we will add it to our backlog of development to do.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Melissa,
Thnaks for your response. I have seen the additional 'Filter' boxes now,
(do these pages look too grey to you?) but it wasn't obvious first time round. I believe a "search this Library area" would be extrememly useful to our customers.
Keep up the great work!