Question: Sharing admin tasks

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The larger community interest groups such as eduroam will get a lot of traffic, membership requests etc. To ensure the best customer experience, we need to respond to these promptly. On the eduroam group, we have set up multiple admin accounts so that we can cover for absences etc. However, it seems that the email notifications don't go to everyone who is set as administrator(?) only to the group creator.

The ideal solution would be for all admins to be notified if something that requires admin intervention (like membership approval) comes in, and to be notified when one of the admin 'team' has completed them.

It might also be useful to have an escalation path when a request has come in and not been addressed for a number of days.

In the current situation, a request could come in while I am on leave or at a conference with limited connectivity, and risk being voerlooked on return...

Is there a current workaround, or plan for a solution in the roadmap?


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Hi Mark,

This is some really useful feedback. Ultimately we want all group administrators to have the same rights and notifications in the group, regardless of who created it - so building in this functionality as you suggest is a part of the roadmap already. I think it would also be a great idea to build in the notifications sent to all administrators when one of them has completed a task; I will add this to our list as something we should release in conjunction with the administrator notifications.

I think your idea of an escalation system of uncompleted administrative tasks is good too and will definitely be very useful when the groups are bigger and there are a lot more group members to manage, so I will add this to our backlog too.

Thanks for the feedback,