Question: how do we get the 'tags' ?

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hi, note some people have special boxes under their profiles - eg 'Janet Trainer', 'Trusted Advisor', 'Janet Verified' etc - how do we get these?



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Hi Alan,

This category of badges - showing that certain people have certain roles within the community - are currently assigned manually by the Community team. If you look at you can see the full list of the badges and what they mean. If you have any requests for badges to be added to your profile you need to email and one of the team will help. We are working towards improving this system so that these badges can be assigned automatically, or approved by your connections, so you don't have to rely on us to give you the badges you need.

We also have more badge categories coming soon, for example rewarding users who have earned more than a certain number of points in certain categories by contributing regularly on the site. These will be assigned automatically so every user of the site can see their awards improve immediately when they have made enough contributions. This will also enable other users to see who the regular contributors are.

The Janet Verified badge denotes a user who has verified their identity at their organisation with Janet. This means that they have linked their Community profile to our back office systems, and therefore we can provide the user with a better, personalised service. If we know who you are we can put more trust in your Community profile and therefore grant you access to additional resources that will be integrated into the site in the future. Users who have verified their identity have the ability to manage all of the information we hold about them, which allows much more control of your own data. We keep all of this data fully confidential and never display it online to other users.

Please note that the Janet Verified badge will be renamed soon to "Verified", and the ability to request verification for your account will be available to you in the next few weeks. The users you can currently see on the site with the JV badge have been verified as part of the migration of users from the old Janet Certificate Service to the new JCS app in the app centre. We needed to verify some of these users in order to be able to give them elevated privileges when using the app.

Keep an eye on the Janet Community Website Development group at to keep up-to-date with development on the site, including badges.

Best wishes,