Question: CUCM/Lync - Softphone options

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All our staff are going to be migrating to office 365 shortly and I am looking at options that can be put in place to offer staff a "Softphone" option on their desktops to replace our current Cisco IPT handsets (which are getting quite old!)without having to use 2 separate clients (Lync and Jabber for example. I understand that even with CUCILync there will be 2 clients, but they will be intergrated in such a way that a client can call, message and video call from only the Lync client).

I have been looking at CUCILync but I am not convinced that this will work with a fully cloud based O365 environment.

Does anyone have any experience with implementing a system that will continue to use CUCM for our voice management but also integrate with Lync for presence, IM and softphone?

We currently have CUCM v10 running for voice and (Lync)Skype for Bus 2016 for presence and IM.

Thanks in advance for your help