Registering a Gatekeeper with the Global Dialing Service

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The Janet Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) provides central videoconferencing resource for both IP (H.323) and ISDN (H.320) endpoints, both point-point and multipoint. All users at Janet primary connected organisations are eligible to register and use the service free of charge (excluding ISDN call charges). Registered users may book guest endpoints in to videoconferences. In order to facilitate videoconferencing over IP JVCS operates a hierarchy of H.323 gatekeepers using the Global Dialling Scheme (GDS) as described on the IP Videoconferencing page.

All UK academic and commercial organisations are entitled to use the GDS in order to videoconference seamlessly across the world using the same numbering scheme.

E.164 Numbering

As described in the Policy for the Management and Administration of the Global Dialling Scheme in the UK the numbering scheme utilises an international telecommunications standard called E.164. A copy of the policy can be found at the link The GDS numbering scheme involves devolved management of numbers at both national and endpoint level. The JVCS Management Centre delegates at a national level to allocate an E.164 prefix to an organisation. The organisation is responsible for allocating an extension number to the endpoint. The E.164 Numbering Scheme for English Local Education Authorities and Regional Broadband Consortia, Scottish Local Education Authorities and National Agencies, and Welsh Unitary Authorities found at the link

In order to connect a new gatekeeper to the GDS the gatekeeper must first be allocated an E.164 prefix.

Registering a Gatekeeper for Janet Primary Connections, RBCs or Local Authorities

Registering a gatekeeper on the GDS in the UK requires peering it with the UK National Gatekeeper. Both the National gatekeeper and the newly registered gatekeeper require configuration in order to peer with each other. The Janet videoconferencing support centre will configure the National gatekeeper and will provide details of what has to be configured in the newly registered gatekeeper.

Registration is carried out by sending the Janet videoconferencing support centre the required details via the Gatekeeper Registration Web Form. Please ensure that you select the correct organisation status on the web form.

The required details for each new gatekeeper are:

  • Organisation name
  • IP address of gatekeeper
  • DNS name of gatekeeper
  • Make & model of gatekeeper
  • Primary Technical Contact details (Name, Phone, email)
  • Secondary Technical Contact details (Name, Phone, email)

Once submitted the details will be sent to the Janet videoconferencing support centre  who will check the details and configure the national gatekeeper. The Janet videoconferencing support centre will then email the two contacts with details of what is required for the configuration of the new gatekeeper. Once the new gatekeeper is configured it is suggested that an endpoint is registered with the gatekeeper and a test call be made to the Janet videoconferencing support centre to check that the GDS is working through the new gatekeeper.

If there are any queries relating to registration of a new gatekeeper to the GDS please contact the Janet videoconferencing support centre on 00 44 131 650 4933 email

Registering a Gatekeeper for a Commercial Company

The procedure for registering a commercial company with GDS is identical to that of Janet Primary Connected Organisation and/or RBC/Local Authority. Please see section above for further details.

Two Gatekeepers at one Organisation

The preferred method of connecting endpoints via the GDS is to have an organisation level gatekeeper with which all endpoints at an organisation would register. There may however be circumstances when more than one gatekeeper is required at an organisation. Such circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Janet videoconferencing support centre and if required a separate E.164 prefix will be allocated to each gatekeeper. Each gatekeeper will be required to be configured to peer with the National Gatekeeper.

Changing details of an Organisation Gatekeeper

If gatekeeper details (IP address/name) or technical contact details related to an organisation level gatekeeper change, the Janet videoconferencing support centre should be informed immediately in order that the National Gatekeeper configuration can be altered. Please note that failure to inform the Janet videoconferencing support centre of a change in IP address of a gatekeeper will result in the failure of endpoints registered with that gatekeeper connecting to other endpoints via the UK National Gatekeeper hierarchy.

Returning E.164 prefixes

If the E.164 allocated to an organisation no longer be required the Janet videoconferencing support centre should be informed immediately in order that the National Gatekeeper configuration can be altered.

Endpoint configuration

It is important to note that once the Organisation Gatekeeper is configured to use GDS, each endpoint to be registered with it must be configured with the IP address of that gatekeeper as well as it's own unique E.164 address extension. This is required in order to allow the endpoint to correctly register with the gatekeeper.