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Sometimes users are invited to join a multi-party conference which is being hosted on an MCU (Multi-Point Control Unit) not operated by Vscene. If this is the case, you will probably be given an IP address (looking like or a GDS number (which looks like an international phone number e.g. 0035 276 192476) and also a PIN to access the conference once you have connected to the MCU. How to book the conference In this example, we will be making a booking that connects to a conference with ID 12345 on an MCU with an IP address of
IP ADDRESSES AND PORTS USED BY Vscene In the situation where a codec/endpoint is sitting behind a firewall or router with ACL’s,the following IP addresses and ports will need to be accessible to it in order for it to usethe Vscene's Vidyo Gateways, gatekeepers & SIP registrars. H.323: Vscene GATEKEEPERS (Primary GK) (Secondary GK) TCP          1719 to 65535 UDP        1719 to 65535
Vscene enables the educational community to collaborate with museums, libraries, galleries, archives and other providers of educational resources that meet certain requirements (accredited Content Providers: Content Providers must be recommended by a Local Authority, Grid for Learning, LTS or C2KNI).
Conferencing between two sites is termed “Point to Point” and is the most frequently used method. It only requires equipment at each site and the network of choice. If more than two sites require a simultaneous conference, this is termed “Multipoint” conferencing, and an additional specialised piece of equipment is required, called a “Multipoint Control Unit” or MCU. Some videoconferencing CODECs can support limited multipoint working (e.g. up to 4 sites). Generally, MCU’s are very expensive and are rented from service providers just for the duration of a conference.
Vscene is a service created and operated by Jisc for UK education and research and the public sector. Vscene provides vidoeconferences in virtual rooms or schedule sessions via standards based systems, browsers and phones. Vscene provides a live conference management interface providing many control options not normally available in a videoconference, including streaming and recording.