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It has become increasingly popular over the last few years for Janet sites to deploy firewalls; many sites have realised that their users do not require full, open access to all workstations and servers on a campus. By controlling access, staff time can be saved in chasing up ‘hacking’ incidents, and the types of service used can be kept under control. Bandwidth usage is also rising dramatically, so firewalls now have to be able to operate at gigabit speeds.
The acquisition, set up and deployment of an H.323 videoconferencing studio is outside of the scope of this guide; such information is available from the VTAS web site. However, there are security considerations to be made in the deployment. In the simplest case, the site will be deploying a single, fixed-location studio-based H.323 system, to be used by university or college members who wish to participate in videoconferences with people at other Janet connected sites. Topology considerations The main site considerations include: