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Sometimes users are invited to join a multi-party conference which is being hosted on an MCU (Multi-Point Control Unit) not operated by Vscene. If this is the case, you will probably be given an IP address (looking likeĀ or a GDS number (which looks like an international phone number e.g. 0035 276 192476) and also a PIN to access the conference once you have connected to the MCU. How to book the conference In this example, we will be making a booking that connects to a conference with ID 12345 on an MCU with an IP address of
ISDN Videoconferencing ISDN is a service offered by telephone companies over the circuit switched network to support Voice, Telephone and Data Applications. This document will give an overview of H.320 protocols and outline the procedures for using JVCS-ISDN. Understanding ISDN There are two types of ISDN interface: Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) Interface and Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) interface. A BRI is an ISDN interface that provides two 64Kbps B-channels and one D-channel.