Jisc Vulnerability Assessment and Information Services

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What is the scope of the framework?

This framework agreement has been set up by Jisc Services Ltd (JSL) for the provision of Vulnerability Assessment Services.

Who can use the Framework?

Jisc Services Ltd, Higher Education Institutions, Further Education Colleges and Research Council establishments in the UK. Services are also provided to other organisations, such as Local Authorities, and commercial sectors, which work in collaboration with these bodies in the areas of education, training or research.

In addition, Jisc Services Ltd provides wide-area backbone and associated national services to each of the Regional Broadband Consortia and to a number of Local Authorities in England, particularly in the context of the schools’ National Education Network. Similar services are currently provided to SWAN in Scotland for the Scottish schools. Jisc Services Ltd provides services to the PSBA Network in Wales and the Classroom 2000 network in Northern Ireland. Jisc Services Ltd services are provided to a number of Local Authorities, Local Education Authorities and Unitary Authorities to serve the needs of personal and community development education, and for other activities of the Authorities which are of benefit to the public, primarily, but not exclusively, in the context of education and training. The Janet Eligibility Policy defines the conditions under which any organisation is eligible for Janet services. The present Eligibility Policy is available at:


Under the Janet Eligibility Policy services may also be provided to public-sector and associated bodies where these bodies are providing public services other than those relating to education or research. For these purposes during the lifetime of the Framework the services may be provided to other classes of public-sector body or activity that may be identified as a result of local, central or devolved government initiatives.

This framework will also be made available to any trading subsidiary, or any other similar vehicle, created by Jisc through which it provides some part or parts of its services.

How does the Framework operate?

The framework is a single supplier framework and therefore orders are placed directly with the supplier, Khipu Networks Limited.

What is the duration of the Framework?

The initial term of this framework agreement is two years from 24th March 2016 until 23rd March 2018, with two possible extensions of one year. Thus making a total expected duration of four years from 24th March 2016 to 23rd March 2020.

Was this Framework tendered under EU procurement rules?

Yes, this Framework was advertised in OJEU on 5th August 2015 number 2015/S 149- 275633 and tendered using the Open Procedure. A copy of the contract notice and the contract award notice are available on request.

Are there terms and conditions that must be used?

The framework agreement is a 4-year framework agreement between Jisc Services Ltd and Khipu Networks Limited. The customer is not committing to anything other than to abide by the terms defined within the Agreement.

How to order:

For quotes and orders, please contact Khipu Networks Limited by email vas-jisc@khipu-networks.com.

All documentation relating to this framework agreement can be found at: https://community.jisc.ac.uk/groups/vulnerability-assessment-and-information-services-framework  (this page will require a log in, which can be requested on the page)

How does a customer contact Khipu Networks Limited?

Telephone on 0345 272 0900
Email on vas-jisc@khipu-networks.com
Website www.khipu-networks.com
Khipu Networks Limited
Infineon House
Minley Road
GU51 2RD