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What's in this section? 

You'll find lots of helpful guides on how to use Vscene, whether you're a user or an administrator. You'll find information and illustrations on the following:

  • Introduction to videoconferencing - all you need to know if you're just starting out
  • User registration - information for new users who are wishing to register to use Vscene, including eligibility.
  • Connection information - how to join a scheduled conference or virtual room, with the connection information panel
  • Vscene virtual rooms - all the information you need on how to use them
  • Support - how to get in touch with our friendly Vscene Support Team
  • Organisation - registration and management - all you need to know to register a new organisation, modify a existing organisation and managing user rights
  • Search - how to use Vscene if you're searching for a new user, organisation, scheduled conference, virtual room, or registered video system
  • Video systems - how to register, modify details and test your video system
  • Videoconference - scheduling and making changes - all you need to know to book a videoconference and make changes
  • Joining via a browser - useful information on testing and using your browser to join a videoconference
  • Joining via a browser (Version 2, March 2017) - information on joining and using the latest version of our videoconferncing interface 
  • Recording - how to record your videoconference
  • Visimeet - what is visimeet and how to use it to join a videoconference?