Jisc and Ajenta partnership FAQ

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In a new partnership with Ajenta, Jisc are planning the next evolution of the Vscene videoconferencing service. A new commercial strategy will bring much improved features and enhancements to the current service as well as greater flexibility and interoperability. To ensure we maintain a consistently innovative and competitive solution, Vscene will be a paid for service from 1March 2018. Below are some FAQs provided to help you understand the changes.

1. Why is Jisc partnering with Ajenta?
Jisc is partnering with Ajenta to give Vscene the necessary boost of resources and commercial experience to compete with other videoconferencing services globally. Ajenta are providing the service support and management and are well placed to help to grow the success of Vscene into a stronger tool for education, research and the wider public sector.

2. Will Vscene continue to be free to use?
Vscene is currently free to use for eligible Jisc members, Schools and some other institutions and will remain so until March 2018.
After March 2018 Vscene will no longer be included in the Jisc subscription. A new pricing structure will be in place for higher and further education, research, health and public sector users. Ajenta will continue to support schools free use of Vscene in the UK.

3. What will Ajenta be doing for Vscene?
Ajenta will continue to provide helpdesk support and service management for all users of Vscene from its UK based team of client support managers and technical response teams. Ajenta will be developing Vscene during 2017 with a greater focus on enhancing the learning and teaching experience with new desktop and mobile features as well as exciting new integrations with learning management systems and virtual learning environments.
From March 2018 Ajenta will introduce Vscene 2.0. The new Vscene 2.0 will run alongside the existing Vscene service until users and organisations are transitioned across to the new platform. Training and support will be provided directly by Ajenta to ensure a smooth transition.

4. Who are Ajenta?
Ajenta are a technology company specialising in the design and development of many global education and health specific applications and products. Jisc have been working with Ajenta for several years before this partnership and were responsible for the design and delivery of our latest infrastructure upgrade and provided support for the past three years. Ajenta have extensive experience of running large videoconferencing deployments. You can find out more about Ajenta at https://ajenta.net/

If you’d like to chat with someone at Ajenta about the future Vscene service and how it might affect you, please don’t hesitate to contact their team anytime on 0131 512 2002 or email them at support@ajenta.net

5. Will my pre-scheduled/booked videoconferences still happen?
Yes. All existing scheduled conferences booked until 1 March 2018 will still happen as planned.

6. Will my virtual meeting rooms still exist?
Yes. All virtual meeting rooms will still be available to use until 1 March 2018, and can then be easily migrated over to the new Vscene 2.0 service if required.

7. Will the Vscene Support Desk or the service support change?
Ajenta will be taking over the task of supporting Vscene users from 1 March 2017. Jisc are very proud of the long history of excellent and popular support that has been provided for Vscene (and previously the Janet Videoconference Service) by the Vscene operators at The University of Edinburgh.
Ajenta are very keen to maintain the same standards of service and retain the friendly and helpful attitude and offer support in the same way. As such, some of the Edinburgh University staff will be joining Ajenta to help manage the transition and ensure continued support.
The Vscene Support Desk will have a new phone number (0330 020 0404), but the email address (vscene@jisc.ac.uk) will not change until March 2018.
The hours of support will be 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, and may be extended if required.

8. When is this happening?
Transition of Vscene user support and service management to Ajenta 1 March 2017

  • New features added to Vscene -Q2 2017
  • Introduction of Vscene 2.0 by Ajenta -Q3 2017
  • Vscene users offered discounted access to Vscene 2.0 - Q3 2017
  • Vscene 2.0 goes live -1 March 2018

9. Where do I send technical enquiries?
Please initially direct all enquires to the Vscene Support Desk on (vscene@jisc.ac.uk), or see the website for details. Ajenta are taking over responsibility for all eligibility, technical and videoconferencing system enquiries. This includes enquires about video codecs, browser participant and networking topics such as gatekeepers or firewalls.

10. I am a videoconference content provider, who do I contact?
For normal conference queries please continue to contact the Vscene Support Desk. Ajenta will also be taking over the relationship and support for content providers. Ajenta will contact content providers individually to offer support for delivering content where required.

11. I use Visimeet. Is anything changing for me?
The Visimeet service will continue to be supported by Jisc, but queries about Vscene conferences that include Visimeet participants should still be directed to the Vscene Operators.