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Irrespective of the particular gatekeeper that is used, the same generic tasks need to be performed for every configuration.

These are summarised here, but please note that they are not necessarily done in the same order for every configuration, and the details may vary. The individual gatekeeper configuration guides below give fuller details of these steps.

  1. Install and start or enable the gatekeeper service.
  2. Set up the local gatekeeper zone (the example assumes a single institutional gatekeeper servicing a single zone of endpoints: this will be the typical situation).
  3. Specify the Janet Videoconferencing gatekeepers which provide Global Dialling Scheme E.164 address resolution services as remote (or ‘neighbour’) zones. These are the national directory gatekeepers on the JANET backbone.
  4. Instruct the gatekeeper to forward zone address requests to the national directory gatekeeper.
  5. Configure which endpoints are allowed to access and register with the gatekeeper. This may entail negating the default behaviour of accepting all requests; and then specifying IP address ranges or individual IP addresses of endpoints that may register.
  6. Save the configuration.