Service Policies

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JANET(UK) organisations with a primary connection are able to register to use Janet Videoconferencing. This involves registration of their videoconferencing endpoints (studios, desktop systems and all other endpoints) with the Booking Service. Once registered, each organisation is required to successfully complete a quality assurance test. The test is carried out with the assistance of Janet Videoconferencing, and involves measuring the objective audio/video quality and network connectivity of an organisation’s videoconferencing endpoint. These tests are repeated at six month intervals after initial registration.

Once an organisation is registered and using the Booking Service, they will be able to manage videoconferencing resources within their organisation and ensure no conflicts occur between room bookings.

Endpoints not registered with the Booking Service may take part in videoconferences with registered organisations by being brought into the conference as a ‘guest endpoint ’ by that organisation. Guest venues undertake a connectivity test rather than a quality assurance test, to ensure that the endpoint is able to connect to the videoconference.