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JANET Services

  • JANET Videoconferencing Services Under Development: For more information please see the Development section
  • The Welsh Video Network:


The Standards Documents

Primers and Discussion

  • Primers on the T.120 and H.323 Standards:
  • A Primer on the T.120 Series Standard:
  • H.323 and Associated Protocols:
  • The PictureTel Standards Page:

Microsoft Windows NetMeeting

Official Microsoft Sites

Other NetMeeting Sites

User Guides

NetMeeting for Education

  • Collaborating With Others Using NetMeeting:
  • Integrating Videoconferencing and Educating:

Alternative Approaches

Other Operating Systems

Access Grid

· The Multimedia Conferencing Applications Archive:

T.120 Servers

Among the products available are those from:

New Developments

Windows Messenger / MSN Messenger

Distributed PowerPoint:

Data Sharing using the World Wide Web

Examples of products that enable data sharing using a web browser include: