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  • UK Legislation
  • RFCs
  • Related products and services
    • Message filtering
    • UBE suppression
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UK legislation:

RFCs (Request for Comments documents, the Internet’s standards):

Related products and services:

(Inclusion in this list does not imply any endorsement by Janet(UK).)

Message filtering

UBE suppression

  • SBL (Spamhaus Block List) lists the IP addresses of direct UBE sources, spam services and spammers themselves.
  • XBL (Exploits Block List) lists addresses which are victims of illegal third party exploits, including proxies, worms and trojan exploits.
  • PBL (Policy Block List) lists IP address ranges whose owners' policy is that they are not expected to be used directly for outbound e‑mail.
  • The Spamhaus Zen lists in Janet

Related Janet documents:

Other documents:

  • DNS and BIND, Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu; 4th edition April 2001. O’Reilly 0-596-00158-4.
    The chapter on electronic mail gives some background on use of the DNS with e-mail systems.

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