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It is advisable to read the Janet Videoconferencing-IP documentation before implementing an IP videoconferencing system or gatekeeper.

Before configuring a gatekeeper it is necessary to inform the Janet Videoconferencing-MC of your intention to do so. This can be done on a web form found at

You will need to supply the name and contact details of a primary and alternative technical contact. You will also need to supply the IP address and DNS name of the gatekeeper host. The Janet Videoconferencing-MC needs these details in order to integrate your gatekeeper with the Janet Videoconferencing. They will respond with an e-mail to inform you when these details have been configured on the national directory gatekeeper. At this point they will supply you with a unique five-digit zone number for your gatekeeper’s zone.

You will need to refer back to all of this information when you come to configure your gatekeeper.

When your gatekeeper has been configured, it is suggested that you first test that it will resolve calls across the campus (between two endpoints which are both currently registered in the local zone). If possible, test also that endpoints registered can dial using E.164 numbers to an endpoint in another zone – and vice versa. There is no discrete gatekeeper testing available from the Janet Videoconferencing-MC, but when an H.323 endpoint is registered to use the service it will require a QA (Quality Assurance) test before being able to do so. This QA test will also prove that the gatekeeper has been configured correctly for compatibility with the Janet Videoconferencing.