Janet Mailer Shield

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The Janet Mailer Shield service helps make an organisation’s mail facilities more secure and robust, particularly where the organisation is small or its resources for managing e-mail are limited.

The service offers (subject to certain restrictions):

  • substantial protection against your mail servers being misused to relay messages between third parties
  • limited identification and tagging of mail which may then be treated as spam (also known as UBE or Unsolicited Bulk Email).

The service does not provide:

  • protection against e-mail borne viruses
  • filtering, rejection or suppression of messages with undesirable contents
  • rejection or suppression of spam.

These functions can be implemented through other commercial or freeware services and products.

Who the service is for
The service is generally intended for organisations with e-mail requirements of less than 7,500 messages a day. If your traffic is consistently more than this then you will need to contact the Janet Service Desk (service@ja.net). While you use the service, Janet will monitor the e-mail messages it sends to and receives from you. If the flow is above the expected level then the Janet Service Desk will agree with you a timetable for transition off this service.

The service is intended to support an organisation while it becomes self-sufficient. Janet will review arrangements with each organisation after a year of use.

There is at present no charge to eligible organisations for use of the service. If this policy changes, users will be advised no less than three months in advance. It is possible that an organisation which has become ineligible because of its volume of e-mail traffic or which Janet has advised to stop using the service might be permitted to continue on a chargeable basis.