loan videoconference system

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Content Providers now have the opportunity to loan a complete videoconferencing kit for up to 3 months,* to help enable them to videoconference with the education sector.

Benefits to Content Providers

The Videoconferencing Loan Scheme will enable prospective content providers to trial videoconferencing equipment and content without having to commit to purchasing the necessary videoconference hardware. It will also enable content providers to deliver one-off videoconferencing events managed by Jisc.

Benefits to schools

Jisc anticipates that the Videoconferencing Loan Scheme will lead to an increase in the number of videoconferencing content providers delivering educational content to schools. It should also provide schools with a wider range of available content and therefore more choice. These factors will in turn encourage more schools to embed videoconferencing appropriately into teaching and learning.

For more information please contact Paul Bonnett.

The Videoconferencing loan equipment includes: 
Tanberg C20 (including codec, camera and microphone)

24 inch HD LCD monitor

AVerVision SPB350 Document Camera

All equipment comes with labelled wires, instructions etc.


To be eligible to loan out this kit you must provide content to Janet connected sites, and you must register on and use the Vscene to book any videoconferencing sessions.

Recommended Loan Schedule

  1. Content Provider Application completed and submitted.
  2. Approval by Jisc. 
  3. Contract letter and Term's and Condition's to be sent to signed.
  4. Delivery of Equipment to Content Provider.
  5. Register with Vscene (Training to be provided by Jisc).
  6. Loan Period.
  7. Extension of loan period to be arranged or return of equipment to Jisc.

We recommend that Content Providers begin the procedure to register as a Jisc Content Provider, during stage 3 of the above schedule. Content Providers will need to complete a reference form, and will need a reference supporting the content that you plan to deliver.


If you are interested in loaning the equipment, please fill in the form and we shall contact you shortly regarding your application.

For more information on Vscene, please click here.

*The equipment may be borrowed for up to 3 months, although the loan period may be extended at the discretion of Jisc upon a written request from the Content Provider.

NB: Prospective content providers must be based within the UK and intending to videoconference to a state funded UK educational site for educational and/or research purposes only. The acceptance of a loan request by the Content Provider will be at the sole discretion of Jisc.