IOCOM Visimeet

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Visimeet is a video collaboration tool designed specifically for the education and research sector and offers:

  • quick and easy creation of a virtual online classroom environment
  • room systems can have up to 4 cameras providing simultaneous feeds, personal accounts have one
  • contact lists to manage presence and allow instant communication, and show presence
  • individual and group chat for larger sessions
  • individual controls for audio levels and video feed sizes at the viewer site
  • ability to share a desktop, an application or a file (screen sharing is at native resolution and no scaling or interpolation applies)
  • a fully scalable solution (Windows or MAC OS) usable from mobiles to laptops to dedicated room systems
  • interoperability with H.323, SIP, and telephone
  • moderator functions for meeting co-ordinators (lecturers) to be able to remotely mute participants
  • Raise hand function for questions, moderator can 'give the floor' to someone
  • meeting/webinar scheduler allowing the setup of large sessions where attendees can watch and listen, then join in by chat, audio and video at any point.
  • local and server based recording capability (this allows for post-event production processing to save locally)
  • 'install-free' option for guests to use WebRTC (with Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers)
  • whiteboard function allows all participants to collaborate
  • servers operated on the Janet backbone for best quality of service, low latency, and security of traffic
  • low cost subscriptions and maintenance (one subscriber can collaborate with up to 99 simultaneous participants who are using the free client)
  • free access for 30 days to a full account, then drops down to one-to-one only with reduced features
  • can be bridged into any Vscene session

This service is one of the first to utilise the JANET Connected Service, a non-exclusive third party service agreement.

Details are available at