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Jisc support Content Providers in the delivery of educational videoconferences via Vscene.

Jisc can consult with any prospective and existing Content Provider at no charge. Jisc has worked with Content Providers on using Vscene, solving technical networking or production issues, advising on hardware and piloting new educational content.

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Technical Assistance and Advice

Registered Content Providers are eligible to receive support from the Vscene Operators during videoconferences.

For assistance telephone 00 44 131 650 4933 or email

The Management Centre is open Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 & Sat 08:00-17:00.

Advice on technical problems with videoconferencing is also available from the  Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS).


Registering to become a Content Provider

It is recommended that any potential content providers send a request to vtas before registering with Vscene.

Content Providers are eligible to use the facilities for the sole purpose of the delivery of educational content to UK universities, research establishments, colleges and schools.

The main benefits from using Vscene to manage videoconferences are the facilities to:

  • Book or instantly launch a videoconference with any of the 5000 registered endpoints or with guests;
  • Stream a videoconference live to the internet;
  • Record a videoconference;
  • Manage multipoint videoconferences;
  • Benefit from the Operators' support during a videoconference;
  • Conduct regular Quality Assurance tests;
  • Use the Vscene Desktop (software VC client) to VC with Schools that do not have hardware videoconference equipment.

Content providers require a licence to use Vscene and must adhere to the  Content Provider Policy. The Licence is subject to an annual service charge of £300 (+VAT) for each registered videoconference system.

To register, content providers will need to send details about the content they plan to deliver. You will also need to provide the contact details of a reference from a Local Authority, Grid for Learning, LTS or C2KNI, supporting the content that you plan to deliver.


Promoting your Content

Where possible content providers and their content are listed on the VC Content pages of the Janet website.

Content Providers are also invited to Subscribe to the Videoconferencing for Schools Project (VCSP) email list. VCSP is a UK-wide list for those in the education and cultural sectors involved in delivering, receiving or enabling education via videoconferencing. Although overt marketing is not permitted, some information about new content or other services for schools would be appropriate.


Loan Videoconference System

Jisc is now able to offer existing and future Content Providers the opportunity to borrow a complete videoconferencing kit, to encourage the use of videoconferencing.

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