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Janet Videoconferencing provides an array of useful services to allow anyone in the academic or research sector to hold effective reliable videoconferences between local sites, other institutions and even internationally. This is all provided at no cost to state funded institutions.

Ability to schedule or launch instantly a videoconference via our web based Booking system, letting you setup a session which will then spring into life without any further user intervention, taking the strain off users so they can focus on their meeting content. Recording and streaming can be done from the booking system, as well as remote conference management directly from the website.

Live telephone support from 08:00 to 21:00 weekdays and 08:00 to 17:00 Saturday from our support centre where they can assist with any issues or questions immediately. They can even help diagnose issues with equipment by using the information from our central infrastructure to locate bottlenecks or setup mismatches.

We have a technical team who can answer questions about any aspect of videoconferencing technology by email, and we have a whole library of equipment evaluations designed to help you select the best for your application. We even have a comparison table by room size or features to drill down a short list to compare. There are also documents in this section to help you with room setup as well as infrastructure like gatekeepers.

Here are the details of the IP addresses and ports used by Janet Videoconferencing

We also have a MS Windows desktop client for PC which can be accessed from the Booking Service to connect VC rooms with people who don't have dedicated hardware.

We provide a Janet Connected collaboration service called Visimeet which has a host of features designed with teaching and learning in mind, and interoperates with standards-based equipment used everywhere in the world. Visimeet has clients for Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and can be included in a Janet booking easily and at no cost. This service is used extensively by higher education sites in large videoconference rooms and also to provide distance learning and tutorials at a very low cost.

Eligibility for registration to use the Janet Videoconferencing service

Registered Higher and Further Education, Research, PDCL and Government funded schools are eligible to use the Janet Videoconferencing at no extra cost.

You can register to use the Janet Videoconferencing service at any time. Once you have registered you will be able to start using the service.

Licenced Eligibilty

Non-government funded organisations can be given licenced access to the Janet Videoconferencing service.

These organisations include:

1. Independent schools
2. British overseas territories - schools in St.Helena, The Falklands etc
3. Offshore governments - Schools in Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man etc
4. Research organisations
5. Educatonal content providers eg museums  or art galleries
6. Commercial organisations who provide educational content eg MB Learning Solutions
7. Organisations with a primary Janet connection

All Janet services are governed by the Janet policies.

Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS) provides unbiased information about what videoconferencing equipment to use, advice about how how to lay out a videoconferencing room, etc. If you are a Janet customer (or a prospective customer) and you wish to avail of this expertise, please send an email to