Appendix C – Radvision ECS Configuration Summary

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This example assumes that the ECS has been installed, access has been gained and a password has been set. Where an option is not mentioned it can be ignored or left unchecked. Use the Upload button at the top left of the page to save all changes, as you make them, and/or the Upload button at the bottom of configuration pop-up windows.

Settings>Basics>Gatekeeper ID: gatekeeper-name

Settings>Basics>Dial Plan: Version 2

Settings>Basics>DHCP in the zone: Check/uncheck as appropriate

Settings>Basics>Who Can Register: Only Predefined Endpoints

Settings>Calls>Routing Mode: Direct

Settings>Calls>Accept calls: Checked

Settings>Calls>Immediate Call proceeding: Checked

Settings>Calls>Call Fallback: Reject the call

Settings>Capacity: enter values appropriate for your network topology and bandwidth availability

Settings> Dial Plan>Strip zone prefixes: Checked

Settings>Dial Plan>LRQ hop count: at least 9

Registration Restrictions>IP Range>Add: add subnets or endpoints by IP address, uploading each addition

Services>Services>Zone prefix 1>Edit: Prefix=0044xxxxx (substitute actual E.164 zone number supplied by JVCS-MC)

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>Prefix: 0044

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>Description: text description (e.g. ‘JVCS National directory’)

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>IP Address: aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd (IP address supplied by JVCS)

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>Port: 1719

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>Prefix: null (leave blank)

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>Description: text description (e.g. ‘JVCS National directory 2’)

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>IP Address: (IP address supplied by JVCS)

Hierarchy>Neighbors>Add>Port: 1719

End of basic configuration.