Appendix B – Gnu-gk Configuration Summary

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This is a complete gatekeeper.ini file for an organisation wishing to connect to the JVCS-IP or a similar H.323 network. The file can be copied and pasted, edited, then saved in the openh323gk\bin folder. Comments can be added by preceding them with a # character for each line of comment. Where a value has ‘x’s substitute your own local details.

This configuration allows dial-out from the central JVCS-IP MCUs using E.164 (GDS) addressing and IP address. It also allows terminals in this gatekeeper’s zone to dial direct (out-of-service) using E.164 or IP. Remote terminals can dial in using IP address, but not using E.164 (assuming firewall configuration allows this).

# start of file

[Gatekeeper::Main]Fourtytwo=42# name your gatekeeperName=xxxxxx

[Gatekeeper::Auth]# Specify authentication method – necessary for next sectionAliasAuth=required;RRQdefault=allow

[RasSrv::RRQAuth]# list of terminals that will register with this gatekeeper# endpoint E164 alias and IP must match

[GkStatus::Auth]# list of machines allowed to telnet to status

[RasSrv::Neighbors]# specify the national directory gatekeepers for address resolution# use the names and addresses supplied by;*;*

[RasSrv::LRQFeatures]# parameters of Location RequestsAlwaysForwardLRQ=1IncludeDestinationInfoInLCF=0ForwardHopCount=9CiscoGKCompatible=1 AcceptForwardedLRQ=1

[RasSrv::RewriteE164]# local zone prefix to strip from long E.164 addresses0044xxxxx=

#end of file