Business and Community Engagement

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The Janet Stakeholder Panel held a workshop in January 2010 to discuss how Janet might be more effectively used than at present to support the business and community engagement activities of higher and further education.  The workshop concluded that there were a number of impediments to the further exploitation of Janet in this context.  Some are perception rather than reality, and point to the need for more effective awareness-raising and promotion.  But it was also concluded that a review of the regulatory framework under which Janet operates (connection and funding policies, and the implication of statutory requirements) would contribute to the overall aim of more effective use of Janet in supporting these engagements.

This consultation paper is the result of further consideration of the latter aspect.  It has been put together as a result of work within Janet and a small workshop of practitioners, held in June to explore whether these would be helpful and workable in practice. Its purpose is to provide background information to the changes proposed, and an overview of the implications to universities and colleges wishing to use Janet in pursuit of business and community engagement activities.  It should therefore inform responses to this consultation.