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Welcome to the community group page for Vscene.

It is a means for customers to provide feedback and receive updates on the service and also enables access to videoconferencing technical data in the Library section.

For technical information about the service please click here

We have some FAQs and video tutorials to help you to use Vscene
We have an ongoing programme of updates and revisions. We have also launched a Vscene Ideascale site which gives you the opportunity to get involved in ideas for improving Vscene.

Vscene brings people together by removing geographical barriers and enabling easy communication and collaboration with colleagues, opening up opportunities to participate in a wide range of business activities.

Videoconferencing has many uses, from teaching and learning to administration and its use continues to grow particularly with the rise in satellite campuses and distance learning courses. In recent times, the technology has been used for remote training, work placement supervision, interviewing and thesis defence. For participants with mobility difficulties or other impairments, videoconferencing enables their inclusion.

Vscene has been developed to meet the needs of the research and education sector. It provides seamless connectivity between participants regardless of what technologies you’re using.

Once you have registered, Vscene offers you:

  • an intuitive interface making it easier and quicker to participate in video sessions, and focusing on people meeting people
  • the ability to launch video sessions instantly or schedule in advance
  • live conference management capability, allowing you to bring extra participants or extend the session
  • a good quality recording system
  • a streaming system that is simple to use, with high capacity
  • a meeting room function to enable you to create your own public or private virtual spaces to host meetings as and when needed
  • a browser based desktop client, that can be installed on almost any platform by the user, without needing administrator rights
  • seamless integration at your desk, in multipurpose rooms or dedicated suites, with high quality delivery every time
  • continued support for interoperability with Visimeet video desktop client
  • a detailed reporting facility
  • a dedicated, friendly and experienced support team, that knows the education sector, to help manage your conversations.
Vscene provides a videoconferencing service that makes it possible to enhance teaching and learning, enable research and encourage collaboration.
Watch a short video about Vscene here.

We are delighted to have the British Museum joining the Janet Content Providers in the new year. It is entitled Roman Britain Treasure challenge video conference. Connect to the Museum from your classroom to solve exciting challenges about archaeological treasure finds from Roman Britain. Their first session will be on Thursday 30th January 2014. There are two sessions, from 10:30-12pm and from 12:30 to 2pm. Advanced bookings are now being taken for this exciting event, which is designed for Key Stage 2 students.


On 27th November 2012, there was a Videoconferencing User Group event at the Space Centre, Leicester.

As part of the Development Update, Tim Boundy asked delegates to take part in a quick poll to prioritise four development areas. Delegates were asked to rank the four options below in order of their preferred priority.

A. Integrated collaboration tools e.g. shared whiteboard, Chat/IM integration, etc
B. Possible interoperation with Skype/MS Lync/GoogleTalk/Adobe Connect
C. Improved streaming facilities
D. Persistent meeting rooms for groups to access ad-hoc


IOCOM has launched Visimeet Mobile, a videoconferencing tool that enables face to face meetings from iPads and iPhones. Now you can connect with other mobile users and those on laptops, desktops, and in HD telepresence conference rooms. Instant message can be sent to your conference participants and you can send images from your mobile camera.

The free product is available from the app store.


We are delighted to announce new dates for the videoconferencing training course.

Introduction to Videoconferencing - 18 April 2013

This course will prepare you for using videoconferencing for both teaching and administrative purposes. It will provide practical advice on what to expect and how to prepare. Delegates tasked with supporting videoconferencing in their organisation will find it a useful introduction to the area and perhaps more importantly an insight into how room design and technical set up can impact on their users experience.

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