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    Welcome to the Janet Wales community group. These pages contain information for and about Janet customers in Wales. 

    Janet connects Education and Research organisations in Wales as well as providing a range of additional services. You can find out more about who in Wales is connected to Janet on the Wiki.

    Janet connectivity in Wales is provisioned via the PSBA and their delivery partner, BT Global Services. 


    For more information about Janet in Wales...



    Welcome to the Janet Yorkshire and Humberside Group

    Welcome to the Janet North East Group

    This is the regional group for Janet customers in the North East seeking information about Janet connectivity in their area, support, services and contact information.

    The advanced technology at the heart of Janet coupled with the government’s drive for shared services and efficient procurement mean that Janet’s common infrastructure can support multiple...


    This is the Community Group for organisations in Kent connected to the Janet Network.

    The Group aims to help you get the most out of the Janet network. You can find information about:

     - local and national network performance

     - the range of services and connections available to you

     - connection and use policies

     - purchasing frameworks that can save you money on a variety of network products and services.

    In addition you can...


    This group is to enable UK education to access content providers from around the globe using videoconferencing. There is content from the USA, Canada and Australia, from places such as NASA, the Great Barrier Reef which schools and colleges have been able to link to their classroom.


    This group exists to promote and discuss schools and colleges videoconferencing activities.

     To see what sessions are available, please follow the link to the content provider site

    The functionality of this dynamic website makes it easier for you to search for sessions by subject, key stage or by content provider. You can also set up tailored RSS feeds and find out about upcoming sessions.



    Barclays Sponsored Degree Program (BDP)



    ** The streaming platform was retired in Summer 2017 **



    Jisc currently provides a Wowza-based flash streaming platform to the Student Television community, free of charge.

    Each of the 42 currently affiliated NaSTA stations has an account available to them on the platform. The servers have the capacity to reach up to 3000 viewers in HD (5000 in standard definition).

    At the moment, the servers are being rolled out to the members...


    Several universities have approached Jisc over the past year regarding the potential for sending broadcast content between a university and a national broadcaster.

    This group is for all those who are interested in this area, and are likely to or have already started sending content to broadcasters.


    We have created the following short video tutorials to assist users' transition to the new system.

    How to:

    1. Register/Sign up to Vscene

    2. Launch/Schedule a conference

    3. Add a videoconference system

    4. Manage a (live) conference

    5. Record / stream a conference

    6. Use a meeting room

    7. Add a guest to any conference

    To add a guest follow the instructions below ('How to' video coming soon):...


    Janet North West Group


    Welcome to Janet North West; the Janet community in North West England. Here you can find out about:

    Getting help and support with your Janet connection and services.The Janet services and connectivity available to you.Your local Janet activities and events.

    You can also use this Group to:

    Get information and guidance about Janet’s services, policies, technology, etc. For example, you can ask about using Janet’s Frameworks or...