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Potential Service Proposition


Based on demand from Data Centre – North, and potential demand from Data Centre – South, a proposed service to provide a simple managed tiered storage solution across relevant storage providers utilising the Janet network and existing cloud storage partnerships.


The Tiered Storage Service would offer a single point of access to storage across multiple providers. A Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) would automatically move copies of data between different storage providers depending on criteria specified by the customer. Three types of storage would be available:

Distributed Storage Pool

Levering the Janet network to offer onsite or near onsite performance for access and retrieval.

Cloud Storage Provider Pool

Managing data copies across multiple cloud providers for medium term for medium term archival or when slower access and retrieval times acceptable.

Archival Storage Provider Pool

Managing data copes across multiple archive storage providers which providers long term\permanent storage with recovery guarantees and where access and recovery times are not crucial considerations


If you are interested in the service, please join this group, where updates on progress will be posted.

Jisc is convening a small working group to develop initial requirements and service definition. If you are interesting in joining the working group please contact Matthew Dovey (matthew.dovey@jisc.ac.uk; tel 0203 006 6016).

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