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Jisc, working closely with two sets of Anchor Tenants, has set up two single supplier framework service agreements for the detailed design, supply, installation, configuration, commissioning and maintenance of shared datacentre facilities.

Our first shared data centre framework was established in July 2014. The shared data centre is located in Slough and is operated by Jisc's partner VIRTUS.

Our second shared data centre framework was established in October 2016. The shared data centre is located in Leeds and is operated by Jisc's partner aql.

The framework agreements enable the long-term utilisation of the datacentre environment for a range of activities including:

§  High performance computing (HPC) systems with high power requirements but moderate availability requirements

§  Administration, teaching and learning systems with moderate power requirements but high availability requirements

§  Other research systems that may have a requirement for higher levels of data confidentiality, and to operate in an NHS/Higher Education secure research zone


The terms of the framework agreements are five years from launch, with the possibility of extension for two further periods of five years subject to review at each five-year break point with an overall period of up to 15 years.

In 2019 the Jisc/VIRTUS framework agreement was extended for five years through to 13 July 2024.

This group is for customers that are using or wishing to use a Shared Data Centre 

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