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Cyber security has long been an area of activity for those providing, protecting and supporting services in research and education. For many years we have provided security products and services to help preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Janet network and everything on it. Over time the services we offer have evolved and grown to meet your changing needs and the different threats that we are all now seeing. 

This Group aims to provide updates and articles about Jisc's security products and services as well as providing relevant news items and links about areas of security that affect Jisc members.


Way back in March 2015 Jisc published its first Cyber security strategy, covering the security products and services that we offered or were planning on delivering over the subsequent three years. A lot has changed over this period, however the objectives of this original strategy have been broadly met, along with other solutions as we constantly revised our plans to best meet the needs of our members.


This new Cyber security strategy looks at how Jisc will work to protect our members and the Janet network from cyber attacks over the next three years (2018-2021). This strategy has been informed by our members: from multiple meetings with individual organisations; feedback from our annual cyber security conference; and detailed analysis of responses to our annual cybersecurity posture survey. 


Building on the success of last year’s Cyber security posture survey, from March to May this year we surveyed Jisc members to better understand their security posture. We had a great responses from 118 different organisations: 65 universities, 49 colleges, 2 research institutions and 2 Arts and Heritage organisations – so thank you to all of you who took the time to respond.


Some of you may remember that last year we issued a survey to learn more about education and research organisation’s cyber security posture and to help Jisc better support your needs in this area. We had a great response last year, but now we want to see what has changed – are your security needs still the same? Have you now achieved Cyber Essentials so feel more confident about your security posture? Are you seeing different threats? Do you now have a strategic lead responsible for cyber security?


Computer Weekly have just published an article written by Jisc's Danny Moules on  "A history of hacking and hackers".

Danny is a security assessment specialist and pen tester and was keen to help get the message out that the stereotypical image of a 'hacker in a hoodie' is outdated and you should be wary if that's the only threat you are concerned about... 


Earlier this year we identified a need to better understand institutions’ security posture in light of the fast changing and increasingly critical area of cybersecurity. So for the past couple of months we have been running a survey to find out what more Jisc can do to help best support and protect institutions and the Janet network.

The survey had the following objectives:


We’d really like your help in finding out what more Jisc can do to help best support and protect institutions and the Janet network and would appreciate it if you would answer some questions about your institution’s security posture.

We’ve put together a short survey that will be used by us to develop new security-related services, to prioritise planned activities and to assist in protecting the Janet network. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and we’ll provide an anonymised summary back to you if you wish.

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