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** The streaming platform was retired in Summer 2017 **

Jisc currently provides a Wowza-based flash streaming platform to the Student Television community, free of charge.

Each of the 42 currently affiliated NaSTA stations has an account available to them on the platform. The servers have the capacity to reach up to 3000 viewers in HD (5000 in standard definition).

At the moment, the servers are being rolled out to the members of the SRA. this is ongoing and will be a useful tool for student media.

The streaming platform is based on the Janet Network, but is maintained by Streaming Wizard on Jisc's behalf.

Please use the group to discuss the service, and be kept up to date with developments.


NaSTA - For all technical queries or issues, please contact the NaSTA exec ( who will pass it on to StreamingWizard.

Due to load balancing issues, please let us know if you have reason to believe that your broadcast is likely to be watched by more than 1500HD viewers (or 2500 SD), by getting in touch with the NaSTA exec.

To book the use of the Jisc Streaming Servers, please follow this link and log in using your server credentials -

If you have any further queries please get in touch with


Attached to this is a PDF that shows new users how to connect to the streaming servers using Flash Media Live encoder. There is other additional encoders that can be used to connect to the Janet servers so feel free to add these to the page as well. If you have any queries regarding any aspect of the servers please post on the group, or email or


At Janet, we have a set of dedicated servers that run in an Origin and Edge configuration. We have one Origin server using Transcoding licenses from Wowza which receives the incoming streams from the user. The Origin server then communicates with the three Edge servers. This configuration allows for load balancing, enabling redundancy if a connection to one of the servers is lost. It also ensures that one server is not over taxed with connections. The servers are connected to the Janet core network at multiple locations adding an additional layer of redundancy incase of power issues.


The process has started to trial the streaming servers with members from the SRA. This is taking place during July with participation with various members. The servers management works in the same sense as the NaSTA credentials, however, it has its own dedicated site for it to use. This being To be able to stream to the servers, you can follow the guide for Flash Media Live Encoder. This is will be the best to use for the trial as it is free software from Adobe. 


Yesterday I went down to SonarTV in Southampton to take part in the first, annual, NaSTAvision Song Contest. 

The contest was a NaSTA-wide event, involving 11 different stations from up and down the contry competing for the title of NaSTAvision champion. Co-hosted by SonarTV (Southampton Solent) and StaffsTV (University of Staffordshire), the event allowed each of the stations to show-off the musical talent present at their uni.

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