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Liberate service now launched

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Save time and money on access management

Robust access management is a must-have for all organisations.

Providing it in-house is time and resource hungry but outsourcing it can be expensive. However, many Jisc members have told us that outsourcing is their preferred option so we have developed a cost-effective, fully managed access management solution.

Our solution is called Liberate. You can trust it because we already have a proven track record in delivering world-leading access management services to the UK’s education and research sectors. Designed, developed and operated by Jisc it is fully interoperable with our three main single sign on services:

  • eduroam – the secure, world-wide roaming access service. It allows students and teachers web access at any organisation broadcasting the eduroam wifi service 
  • Assent – enables an organisation to provide federated access to non-web applications and services
  • UK Access Management Federation (UKAMF) – enables an organisation to provide their users with secure single sign on access to web applications and services using their usual username and password

Liberate also offers an authenticated web proxy to support services that still use IP address authentication.

Benefits of Liberate

Other access management solutions typically support only one of these. Liberate provides a single solution to access management enabling you to reduce the time and effort spent on managing and administering multiple services.

We are offering Liberate with a competitively priced and flexible tariff. You only pay for the components you need. It’s an annual tariff that is fully inclusive with no additional or hidden charges so that you can plan your budget with confidence.

Liberate is developed and operated by Jisc, the world leaders in access management services for education and research. Connected to the trusted Janet network, it also benefits from our advanced security capabilities that help you protect your assets and maintain business continuity.

As a fully managed service that is supported by our world-leading team of technical experts, Liberate frees up staff resource so they have more time to deliver a better service.


Many beta testers have now come forward running a Hyper-V virtual environment. Our VPN client had some compatibility issues running on Hyper-V.

We have now updated the client on the portal to ensure the client is fully compatible with Hyper-V.
The document that has been uploaded will show you the steps you can take to get the VPN client installed and working in a Hyper-V environment.

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