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Welcome to the Janet West Midlands Group This is the regional group for Janet customers in the West Midlands seeking information about Janet connectivity in their region, support, services and contact information. The advanced technology at the heart of Janet coupled with the government’s drive for shared services and efficient procurement mean that Janet’s common infrastructure can support multiple communities and deliver significant savings.

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Janet Telephony Purchasing System

4 February 2014 at 1:53pm

Janet Telephony Procurement

Janet is in the process of creating a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

to enable Janet customers to purchase telephony services mobile

telephony services, ISDN circuits and associated equipment. The DPS is

centred around using Janet to deliver telephony traffic in the form of

SIP trunks, however it will also include handsets and customer premise

telephony equipment.

The DPS essentially involves Janet Pre-qualifying suppliers to enable

customers to efficiently purchase telephony services and equipment.

Suppliers will need to agree to a number of technical and business

principles before they can join the DPS, these include (but are not

limited to):

 *   Being directly and resiliently connected to Janet

 *   Having the ability to pro-actively monitor service delivery

 *   Providing zero rated call charges between any combination of mobiles

and landlines purchased as part of a supplier package

The Dynamic Purchasing System is now live but there is only a single supplier on the system at the moment. More suppliers are in the process of signing up and the full system will be live by the autumn 2013. However, the system is usable now and an FE College procurement is running at this moment. July 2013