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Welcome to the Janet West Midlands Group This is the regional group for Janet customers in the West Midlands seeking information about Janet connectivity in their region, support, services and contact information. The advanced technology at the heart of Janet coupled with the government’s drive for shared services and efficient procurement mean that Janet’s common infrastructure can support multiple communities and deliver significant savings.

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Janet Financial X ray service

4 February 2014 at 1:53pm

Project overview

The Financial X-ray project has the following aims:

  • Easily understand and compare overall costs for particular services
  • Develop business cases for changes to IT infrastructure
  • Create an ongoing mechanism for dialogue between finance and IT departments using standard terms of reference
  • Provide a means of highlighting the comparative cost of shared and commercial third party services.

This project helps cost higher education IT services, enhancing the work carried out by others in the sector. Institutions will be able to use this as a focal point for future work on the costing of IT services to derive ongoing benefit.


  • Provide a common language between IT and finance in terms of the costs that go into IT and the outputs of IT departments
  • Produce a tool that uses the finance data as an input and can translate it so the cost of IT services is understood
  • Create training materials and opportunities to assist IT and financial personnel within institutions to develop this common language when costing IT services and to use it to drive efficiencies.

Attached is the pdf. document decribing the service in more detail.