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Welcome to the Janet Wales community group. These pages contain information for and about Janet customers in Wales. 

Janet connects Education and Research organisations in Wales as well as providing a range of additional services. You can find out more about who in Wales is connected to Janet on the Wiki.

Janet connectivity in Wales is provisioned via the PSBA and their delivery partner, BT Global Services. 

For more information about Janet in Wales contact:
Shirley Wood

Head of Customer Engagement     01235 822251


In 2012 Janet worked with organisations across the sector in Wales to define, record and encapsulate requirements for the next generation of Janet's delivery in Wales.

One of the primary roles of this document is to inform the procurement processes for the next generation of the PSBA network.

This work was co-ordinated by Rob Symberlist and was undertaken by Rob Symberlist and Paul Bevan.

For more information please contact:

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