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Welcome to the Janet South West Group This is the regional group for Janet customers in the South West of England seeking information about Janet connectivity in their region, support, services and contact information. The advanced technology at the heart of Janet coupled with the government’s drive for shared services and efficient procurement mean that Janet’s common infrastructure can support multiple communities and deliver significant savings.

Group administrators:

SWIT3E and Janet South West User Group Agenda

4 February 2014 at 1:52pm

SWIT3E & Janet South West User Group Meeting

Wednesday 9th October 2013

University of Exeter



Please note the amended start time for the meeting.

Message from Tim Phillips, Chair SWIT3E;

"I am sorry that we have not been able to identify more specific agenda items and presenters for SWIT3E this time but we do have two interesting speakers from Janet. I would like to use the first SWIT3E slot to hear updates from members around the region and to ask for your thoughts and ideas for future discussion items which will be of common interest to members (as well as identifying any specific matters that you would like to raise with Janet later in the day)".

1015 Arrival, Tea/Coffee

1045 Welcome & Introductions 

1050 SWIT3E Roundtable

- Updates, news & questions from sites across the region

- Items to be raised for the Janet South West User Group

- Identification of topics for future SWIT3E presentations and discussions

1145 Shared Data Centres - David Brennand UWE

1215 JANET Telephony – Roger Bolam

1300 Lunch

Janet South West User Group Meeting


  • Minutes of the Last Meeting
  • Items for Janet
  • FE Update – RSC South West
  • Janet Service Performance – Shirley Wood Janet
  • Janet News – Shirley Wood Janet
  • Event and Site Reports
  • Date and Time of next meeting

1500 Close